Welcome to Durango College Consulting

Choosing a college can be a difficult, rewarding, and exciting process. We are here to make this expensive and important decision much less stressful. We specialize in giving you and your students a personalized and organized route toward finding the right colleges for you.

Elaine Ehlers and Barbara McLachlan are committed to both students and higher education. Between them, they have almost 50 years of experience counseling, encouraging, teaching, tutoring, and guiding students through the maze of college and high school.

“My son came home fired up and excited! He is working on his resume now. He also declared that he really likes working with you and feels it’s very helpful! You have a gift, Elaine. Thank you a zillion times over.”

Animas High School Parent – Class of 2019 Student

“Elaine was singlehandedly the best part of my college search experience. From the beginning my Freshman year, she made sure that every college choice I considered was exactly what I was looking for. She consistently followed through with every college to make sure that I was as prepared as possible and that I had the best chance I could have. Elaine was so organized and made it so incredibly easy to understand what could have otherwise been an extremely overwhelming process. She cares so much about every detail, and makes sure that the things you care about are top priority. I, like many others, wouldn’t be where I am without Elaine’s help.”

2018 DHS Senior Ruby

“We are so grateful to Elaine for guiding us through the college search and admissions process. We started early (just before 9th grade) – Elaine was encouraging, prepared with a timeline, planning materials and expert advice for all the steps from 9th-12th grade. As a mom with helicopter tendencies, I felt assured that the preparation and search process was handled, so I could comfortably step back and make college selection my daughter’s process – as it should be. Elaine guided my daughter in a comprehensive, thoroughly tailored program, from identifying interests, helping to recommend high school curriculum choices, identifying colleges, planning/scheduling college entrance exams, navigating college visits, polishing essays, and preparing for interviews. We are ecstatic that Ruby will be attending one of her top choice colleges in the fall. Thanks Elaine!”

Alison Epstein

“Now that Kendall is settled at UNC we just wanted to tell you how happy we are to have had the opportunity to have you help council and direct our daughter through preparing, choosing and applying for college. Your skills with high school students is so valuable; you connect, relate and help them discover the right choices for them. It was nice for our daughter to have a mentor other than a parent, and especially someone with current knowledge of the process and familiar with the colleges. We truly believe without your help, Kendall would not have accomplished this process so seamlessly! Thank you again!”

Kelly & Rick Kniffin

“The last two years of high school are a challenge for both students and their parents; with the social and emotional roller coaster to endure also come the task of planning a post graduate experience and what future education to consider. Trying to select and apply to a college during this time was too much for our family. Our son was eager to see more of the world, he knew he wanted to go to college and he set his sights high, considering some of the most prestigious colleges, and universities in the United States. We were proud of his ambition but didn’t really know where to begin. So we scheduled a meeting with Elaine Ehlers, she met with us and quickly picked up on our son’s desires and abilities and got use organized. Not only did she guide us step by step through the process, she also counseled us on every aspect of the experience. Truly I doubt our son would be where he is today, without Elaine’s help: enjoying a new life at the University of Vermont in the school of engineering while pursuing the sport of Nordic ski racing. Elaine made the whole experience exciting and she helped us learn to let go and realize that we could survive the transition.”

Brent & Lynn Brown